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Beta Testers needed for Routing Guide, Transportation Management Software

eRoutingGuide is built to allow flexibility with how you create your company’s Routing Guide. You are able to include as much information as you feel is necessary, and in any format. Remember, the idea is to firmly set the ground rules up front for all vendors, suppliers or anyone shipping product on your company’s behalf – so include any information you feel is important. Think how easy it will be to get your up to date Routing Guide into the people’s hands that need it. You’ll save time, energy and cost when your freight is routed right the first time.

eRoutingGuide allows you to upload an existing .pdf file to your personalized Routing Guide website that can be accessed by whomever you choose. There is also a large free-form area to add text with additional information for users to be aware of.  Click Here for an example of a completed profile.

You’ll want to include basic information such as key logistics contacts with Names, Phone Numbers, Company Locations, etc.

Most importantly, make sure you spell out the specific routing instructions for any supplier, vendor or person within your own company shipping to you, or on your company’s behalf. Below are a few ideas to get you started or click here to see a sample eRouting Guide.

–          Who are your preferred carriers? As an example, if there is a supplier routing an LTL shipment moving from Georgia to a location in New Jersey – the supplier needs to know the best carrier to use is X, and it needs to be billed to your correct account number which is XXXX.

–          Do you have a national account with Fed Ex or UPS? People within your company need to know what account numbers to use to make sure the correct discount is applied.

–          Do you utilize a 3rd Party Logistics company to handle all your truckload routing – make sure their contact information is easily accessible.

–          Are appointments required at your facilities? Who do they contact for an appointment? Bill of Lading.

–          Do you require an Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) number? Make sure vendors and suppliers know that is a requirement and the procedures to follow.

All these points should help give you the idea. Once updated, eRoutingGuide allows you to easily send companies a link to your personalized webpage.

Click Here for an example of a completed profile. We welcome your questions and feedback: questions@eroutingguide.com

Thank you for choosing eRoutingGuide. Transportation Management Software.

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