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4 Benefits of Logistics Software

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The cost and time necessary to implement a new Logistics Software (TMS) is significant. So what are the benefits a business should expect as a return on that investment?

1 – Routing Guide Compliance: A main benefit to logistics software is the control it puts in place to ensure the proper routing choices are made. This includes making sure the correct carriers are selected and the optimal shipping mode used. Following a well constructed Routing Guide will reduce shipping costs and minimize the time spent to deal with exceptions or other issues that come up when the wrong carrier or mode is used.

2 – Updated Logistics Cost and Spend Data: Data is a valuable tool for managing a business and integral for effective logistics spend management. Understanding the cost drivers in your business as they relate to transportation can improve forecasting, production planning, and sales all for the positive.

3 – RFP and Lane Analysis: Actively working to keep carrier rates tables current is a great way to control and reduce logistics costs. Periodically testing the market rates with an RFP (Request for Proposal) is an important part of the supply management process.

4 – Automating Workflows: A logistics software technology will also automate functions such as load tendering to carriers, paperwork (such as the ability to print bill of lading and load sheet documents), and load planning. Automation makes these processes work more efficiently and precisely through reliance of systems and technology – as opposed to hand written documents and faxes.

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