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3 Ideas for Creating a Social Media Identity for Logistics Companies

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here are 3 ideas to begin building a presence in Social Media for your logistics company.

Start a Blog
– A very effective way to establish credibility for your company and yourself is through a blog. It will also help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and social media marketing (SEM) – both of which help draw traffic to your website. A blog builds credibility by giving you the opportunity to post regular updates and content that will be of interest to your existing and potential customers. Are you an expert on logistics management software? You can blog about that. Are you an expert on online ecommerce order fulfillment, blog about that, etc. These updates should be educational and not overly promotional. Giving the opportunity for readers to comment will engage them in discussion and help you develop a deeper level of trusted advisor relationship. Becoming the expert on a topic, and then when a need comes up you will be who the customer thinks to go to first.

Post Customer Reviews and Testimonials – As part of your blog, website, Twitter, or anywhere else – make sure to promote and encourage customer feedback and reviews. Positive comments hold a lot more weight when a reader feels they are coming from an independent voice. It adds credibility to the message. But what about negative comments you ask? Use those as a chance to engage the person with thoughtful follow up and help to resolve the issue. Done right, this will turn the unhappy customer into a fan and win over potential clients who were watching the dialogue. Being willing to engage and talk to customers about the good and the bad is great for trust building in the market place.

Be Accessible – A social media presence is also about be available and responsive to the marketplace. Make sure your offer the chance for readers of your content to have the chance to comment, as well as contact you directly with questions. Needless to say providing emails and phone numbers is a given in addition to offering a contact us page.

Building a presence in social media is largely about building credibility for your logistics business. It is accomplished through educate, engagement, and in the end, consistency.

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